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Proprietary Trading


CrowdFundJunction(CFJ) is a Prop Trading Firm. Hiring CFJ can save a lot of time and effort you would have otherwise invested in studying the Crypto market or doing research. Once you have hired our professional trader, most of your work is done.


For Entrepreneurs / High Networth Individuals / Companies who want to set up their own proprietary trading firm or manage their own portfolio , CrowdFundJunction offers a complete solution right from identifying the right broker to staffing , trade execution, risk management , order routing, software installation, data services, accounting ETC


We will have our expert professional inhouse traders training your team or if you want to have our professional traders trade for you we will designate specific traders with the expertise you desire to trade exclusively for your firm depending on your requirement. Our traders specialise in trading of Cryptos , CFDโ€™s, Futures , Commodities , Options , Stocks Index and Forex .




Advantages of Hiring CFJ Crypto Trader


  1. Less research is required : Research work involves reading a lot of charts. If you are not comfortable with that and donโ€™t have time, your research will ultimately lead you nowhere. Thus, it is better to hire an expert in this case.

  3. No time spent studying : You can only profit from trading by continuously educating yourself. You need to constantly look at the news , conduct a mix of technical and fundamental analyses which requires a lot of effort. Expert Traders are good in analysing different timeframes so it is better to leave it in their hands.

  5. No Additional Cost : You need to pay them for their services only based on Success Fee! This is one of the most significant advantage of getting a professional trader. Depending on their level of expertise of the Trader you hire and fund size, you may end up paying upto max 50% of the gains.

  7. Zero Risk : We guarantee your Capital so there is absolutely No Risk

  9. No More Trust Issues : You open account with the broker of your choice and the Funds are in your own Account. So no more trust issue of Broker or you having to transfer your money to the expert trader account to trade

CFJ Crypto Portfolio Track Record

Crypto is complex. Our Crypto Trading Services for private clients makes it simple.

Cryptocurrencies and NFT have shown to be a reliable Asset class, and the market is predicted to grow much more in the years to come. Here at CrowdfundJunction, we provide you with an opportunity to diversify your Portfolio into Crypto Assets.

CFJ is the platform of choice for Ultra-high Net Worth Individuals looking for Digital-Assets-focused Advisory Services. "Hire Us To Trade" is not a "Money Management" service. It is a "Contract for service" of our Crypto Traders to trade for Private clients , HNI , Trading Firms , Accredited Investors , Hedge Funds and Family offices.

If you want to have our professional Crypto traders trade for you then kindly book a call after filling in the form above.


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